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We are turnkey service partner for expansion of passive site infrastructure as well as sharing services required for optimum utilization of existing infrastructure. TSP Work package covers the telecom site buildup and/or sharing. It broadly covers civil, electrical, EB.

It has provisioning of other services like installation, AC / Battery / SMPS, warehousing/ logistics, statutory clearances / EB connection, supply and installation mounts/cable tray etc. For sharing and supporting project monitoring by updating the online tool used for project monitoring, coordinating with all internal and external stakeholders for easy site rollout.

We are engaged in the active element installations & commissioning services. It involve BTS with installation of GSM antenna and proper routing of feeder cable, script execution in OMCR/BSS, coordination for NOC activity, site integration support from NOC, equipment integration and testing , alarm clearance and Installation & commission of MW.

General Management of site, housekeeping etc. during the construction phase till RFI of the sites, EB upgrade as per requirement during sharing of sites. Providing optimization services to offload existing high utilized traffic site as well as cover new coverage area, with ensuring all KPIs measured and within limits and new site should run on configuration without any alarm.


We provide services for active & passive dismantling that includes BTS de installation & de commissioning and removals of all passive elements.

This also includes a class equipment and tower material with arranging transportation services for shifting of the removed materials to the client respective warehouses, this involves e2e activity.

Our business philosophy is to integrate the latest and best technological innovations into our service and support network. At VFSIL, we strongly believe that technology drives innovation. Web-based tracking systems enable our customers monitor their stock & dispatch online.


  • Providing complete edge to edge solution for installation of AC, power back and SMPS supply.
  • Providing additional support with warehousing, logistics and statutory clearances.
  • Proper system monitoring by tools during and after installation of project.
  • Integrates the latest and best technological innovations into our service and support network.
  • Site integration support from NOC.
  • Equipment integration and testing.
  • Alarm clearance and Installation & commission of MW.


  • Designing of more than 2500 telecom sites.
  • Preliminary Survey conducted for More than 6000 telecom sites.
  • Sub Soil Strata Investigations for more than 4500 telecom sites.
  • Handling Project Management Consultancy for 3 projects of Telecom Industry.
  • BTS dismantling & Transportation activities for 1500+ sites for Videocon Telecommunications, Ericsson-Uninor, Aircel and MTS.
  • MGW & BSC dismantling E2E activity for Videocon Telecommunication.
  • Electrical Infra for more than 3000 sites.