Packaging Solution

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Packaging is the management of designing the packing material according to goods, complete setup-sourcing, packing the goods, packing product with image, enhancing of the goods, how can save the goods & other resources including cost benefit. Packaging also involves the integration of packing, transportation, inventory, material handling & save the goods from damage & saves the cost. When a customer develops new products or establishes operation in new market, a logistics flow material, requiring the development of packaging solutions.

Our packaging segment comprises of designing, manufacturing and supplying complete packaging solutions for well and safe transportation for various industries and other commercial good.

We use proper technical skills for enclosing products to withstand distance of transportation, their protective storage and distribution at the destination. We have our own warehousing infrastructure and logistic division which combine nicely with our state of art packaging services.

Our skilled and well trained human resource first evaluates and on the conclusion basis designs a proper packaging campaign for the each individual transportation job. They follow the modern methods of coordination in the whole process. Our basic motto packaging stays with them i.e. of safely delivery of our customer's goods and items to the destination.


We have more than 10 years of experience in packaging and transportation. This clearly reflects in our way of working and meeting the job's completion marks as mentioned by our satisfied clients. Well trained human resource to maintain proper interaction with our customer's representatives.

Vision has good presence in Telecom, Automotive and Engineering sector. Our business concept is to provide engineered solutions that reduce end to end cost and stays on environmental friendly standards. We do it by analyzing the logistic flow and choosing the right packaging materials to work with. These makes our solutions customized and make them cost competitive. We believe in total cost benefit approach to our business partners and society with our provided solutions.

Industries: Manufacturer Plywood box and Customized Packaging Solutions, Iron and steel cable drums, Trader.


  • Lower packaging cost by using the right packaging material.
  • Emphasis on using material for multiple times with very low opening and repacking time.
  • Working on 'man hour cost calculation' modal which keeps on evaluating with every job.
  • Faster packing / unpacking time to speed up processes.
  • Reduction of product damages through superior protection.
  • Decreased storage, transportation and handling cost. These all for easy stacking.
  • Improved storage with foldable solutions. To provide better handling and movements when not in use.
  • Environmental friendly materials which are completely recyclable.
  • Safely delivery of our customer's goods and items to the destination.